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UTB Gear Shafts

Our company provides Gear Shafts for UTB tractors. These parts provide rotation to allow a gear to turn another gear. They contain gear teeth that are integrated into shaft. Also, they help to transmit power by making an angle between the intersecting shafts. Our UTB Gear Shafts are carefully designed to efficiently control the motion and enable hassle-free working of the tractors. They are highly suitable for the tractors as they have the ability to change angle of the power flow and provide speed and strength work capacity.

Product Image (01)

Clutch Shaft

Price: 200.00 - 300.00 INR/Piece

part no - 31.16.026

Product Image (09)

Gear 26/41T

PART NO -31.17.114

Product Image (19)

GEAR 22/27T

PART NO -31.17.118

Product Image (12)

Gear 15/31T

PART NO - 31.17.115


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Mr. Vijay Verma (Managing Director)
Mrs. Bindu Verma (Director)
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